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Our COVID-19 response

the OFFERING of timely rainfall acquisition for rural producers

During 2020 our team are building the first ever Weather Crowdfunding Platform, in collaboration with leading crowfunding company Pozible. Our goal is to respond to regional community-led requirements, with the delivery of timely rainfall across cropping / farmland areas in Australia. In keeping with the Pilot Project TEMPLATE successfully tested last year in the Wimmera Victoria, we are offering both gentle soaking rainfall AND an innovative matrix of crop / farm protection services. Please register your interest to keep abreast of developments. Project White Paper available shortly. LAUNCHING SOON.

16 April 2020

White Paper (2019)

Weather Moderation to Improve Agricultural Yield

Register your interest to download a free "first look" at how Weather Moderation technology works and is applied to adjust outcomes for agriculture.

15 November 2018