Protecting Crops (December 2016)

During harvest preparation, (mid September through to February) Miles Research was engaged to protect regional crops in the Wimmera area of Victoria, Australia.

The objective was to shield the clients' crops (and surrounding region) from adverse events (including heavy rainfall, high winds and flooding) predicted by the Bureau Of Meteorology.

Bureau of Meteorology data reveals heavy rainfall effectively 'blocked' at state border. Ref. 3-Months one-page (download) - link.

The (above) interactive 3D model shows the Rainfall Percentage data for December and clearly reveals that most rainfall occurred west of the political boarder of Victoria. There is no natural topographical reason, nor any meteorological precedent for rainfall adhering to a political boundary. Indeed Bureau predictions were to the contrary.

Conventional meteorology provides passive decision support for growers, but cannot address their vulnerability to weather. The Miles Research project delivers a revolutionary 'shield capability' via countermeasures which can remove growers' vulnerability to weather.