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Energy Utilities

Introducing a game-changing technology for direct mitigation of weather-threat.

Service deliverables include advanced threat modelling for decision support (at Level-1a & b)) and weather-event intervention for reduction or elimination of primary and compounding losses (Level-2). See Technology Offering - link.

During 2016 Miles Research has assisted developers and supporters in a series of exclusive severe storm threat* interventions. Result data shows that client assets were protected from damage. See NorthWest Victoria - link.

Miles Research is preparing a business offering for energy utility operators, including establishing a local / international pilot proving program during 2017.

Services to include:

  • Storm / hail / ice / flood / heatwave threat advanced modelling

  • Decision support visualisation platform

  • Catastrophic threat emergency intervention

  • Monthly prevention subscription based services

  • State & regional based / energy network based, service configurations

  • For further information please see Enquiry / Subscription.

* In all cases severe threats were forecast by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) and results independently referenced by their observations data.