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Horticulture / Agriculture

This innovative services offering reaches out to farming communities - both families and companies, throughout Australia. Using 2016-17 growing season as a capability demonstrator, Miles Research has delivered a 'bumper season' for the region. For a detailed example look at North Western Victoria - link.

The core objective was to provide complementary timely seasonal rainfall as a foundation and then real-time mitigation of (weather) crop-risk, across client crops in the Wimmera. Results are delivered (against 'the-odds' as presented by meteorological forecasters), via a comprehensive GIS-based weather programming service.

By overlaying best-practice forecasting, data and modelling, with client crop positioning data, the program is able to boost regional rainfall as well as to shield agricultural assets from damaging events - as demonstrated for the Wimmera during 2016. See December '16 example - link.

Graphed 2016 Client Rainfall data - link. Graphed client annual total rainfall with ABARES productivity data - link.

The commercial agricultural services company Aquiess operates its technology from a secure centre, remotely located within Australia.

A safe sensible subscription model applicable to private business, corporate and government clientele is currently being prepared.

See overview of sample shielding of crops - link.

These services include delivery / execution within acceptable parameters:

  • Gentle soaking rain

  • Drought mitigation

  • Storm mitigation

  • Hail mitigation

  • Frost mitigation

  • Heat wave mitigation

    For further information please see Enquiry / Subscription.