Weather Moderation

Invented by a Melbourne Industrial Designer, Weather Moderation is a weather-altering technology which can systematically reprogram atmospheric weather patterns.

Miles Research has recently successfully demonstrated a capability to enhance rainfall, or deplete it, from approaching storm systems in relation to a fixed geographic target. Data and results are available from two entire Victorian growing seasons.

Prior to this, the company demonstrated in the Middle East, East Africa, the United States and Australia. The demonstrations were announced ahead of time, with high-quality witnesses, both public or private individuals. Details are available for qualifying parties.

The company boldly offers a no-risk engagement model for growers, wherein “no result” will equal "no payment required.” And an initial “watch group” is being established to to allow participants to verify the project’s veracity event-by-event, during 2018.


Immense, compounding atmospheric forces produce Earth’s extreme weather.

Weather’s impact on life and infrastructure can be catastrophic. The devastation has been compared to the detonation of nuclear weapons. NASA says that “during its life cycle a hurricane can expend as much energy as 10,000 nuclear bombs.”

Insurer Munich Re puts the price of the 2017 devastation inflicted by weather, at around $300 billion. This can only be compared in terms of global material damage, to the combined losses incurred through present international wars.

Another way to appreciate the relevance of Weather Moderation technology in Australia, is to consider that current data proves that weather poses a greater, ever-present threat to civil society than global terrorism.

Conventional technologies, [presented by the whole of private industry as well as Australia's state and federal government emergency management organisations, including: Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation CSIRO, Bureau of Meteorology (BOM), State Emergency Services (SES) and Emergency Management Victoria (EMV)], remain primarily powerless against the forces of weather.


The technology offered by Miles Research relies on four fundamental layers:

  • Advanced (ahead of time) modelling, provided by Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology (BOM), the European Centre for Median Range Forecasting (ECMWF) and the Global Forecast System from the USA’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), in order to identify the controlling pressure systems which determine the path, shape and intensity of weather patterns,

  • A proprietary system utilises electromagnetic (EM) scalar waves, to be able to induce micro-changes within interacting boundary layers of targeted dynamic pressure systems. These changes in density enable a degree of incremental control over these dynamic pressure systems, to permit trajectory, shape and intensity adjustments.
    In turn, this adjusts the flight-path of a system of interest, for example rain system.

  • Review, feedback and maintenance, utilising sophisticated live bureau modelling as a ‘feedback loop' ahead of time.

  • Recording, logging and reporting against project objectives.