Moderated Rainfall Technology Deepens Predicted Event for Northern New South Wales & Queensland

A “deepened” rainfall event was achieved for New South Wales and Queensland through use of Weather Moderation technology. Miles Research commenced the demonstration project on 4 July 2018, with the aim of securing delivery of substantial soaking rainfall into the two state target: Victoria and New South Wales. In this latest example, through the application of the technology to 'adjust' the dynamic passage of surrounding pressure-systems, rainfall totals closer to 50mm were recorded, compared to the (generally) forecast maximums of around 25mm. Please see the updated Technical Presentation below. The 3D visualisation (above) shows the improved rainfall outcomes, during last week (20 - 27 August 2018,) by comparing Predicted vs Recorded Rainfall for the same timeframe. Details regarding how Weather Moderation has been able to achieve this are included in the Technical Presentation "Overcoming Australia's Drought" which may be downloaded below.


Media Release 24/8/2018 "Moderated Rainfall Project Helps Break Victoria’s Drought" - PDF (381kb)

Technical Presentation (UPDATED 30/8) "Overcoming Australia’s Drought" - PDF (22meg)

Download (2D graphic of the above 3D model) HD Image - TBA

Original Project Specification

Download the 4 July 2018 "Demonstration Advisory" - PDF (1.2meg)