Moderated Rainfall removes the Rainfall Deficiency for Wimmera, Victoria

During the pre-announced two month Weather Moderation demonstration for future cereal cropping applications, the Miles Research team ran a series of rainfall "adjustments" which provided more rainfall than predicted for northwestern Victoria.

As a result of the July and August rains, the Rainfall Deficiency chart produced by the Bureau at the end of August presents ZERO RAINFALL DEFICIENCY across the Wimmera.


Media Release 24/8/2018 "Moderated Rainfall Project Helps Break Victoria’s Drought" - PDF (381kb)

Technical Presentation (UPDATED 30/8) "Overcoming Australia’s Drought" - PDF (22meg)

Download (printable graphic of the above chart) - PDF (2.7meg)

Original Project Specification

Download the 4 July 2018 "Demonstration Advisory" - PDF (1.2meg)