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David Miles is a motivated humanitarian who believes that mankind has been entrusted with life on earth - to protect, nurture and establish...

David believes that in order to embrace the majesty of a safe-future, earth’s disparate nations, races, religions and industries must strike balanced accord, transcending difference by promoting productivity and peace. This means embracing new far-reaching hi-tech agricultural and transportation initiatives in place of fracture, persecution and compounding, dislocating wars.

Bringing viable, demonstrable solutions to the table, Miles Research along with its strategic partners, will deliver material change for immediate progress toward a greater survivability, for life on earth.

Current projects include:

  • advanced weather threat decision support platform - link
  • energy utilities weather defence system - link
  • crop threat awareness and mitigation program - link
  • automotive and aerospace Cx reduction research and development - link

For further information please contact Miles Research - link.