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Enhancing Rainfall / Shielding Crops

During both the 2016-17 and 2017-18 winter cropping seasons a revolutionary whole-of-crop protection technology was applied for a fixed geospatial target in the State of Victoria with startling results.

Download a one-page summary of the 2016-17 result (graphed) - link.

The recent 2017-18 winter cropping season's results reveal the Miles Research Project target achieved a second record-breaking improved yield, a better result than the rest of Australia: - link to Mail-Times article, and - link to GrainCorp review of 2017-18 year.

Bureau of Meteorology data reveals heavy rainfall was successfully blocked at the state's western border toward the end of the 2016-17 season, allowing important crop maturation for harvest. Ref. 1-Month 3D Model - link. Ref. 3-Months one-page (download) - link.

The technology brings together leading forecasting, live soil-moisture and crop-cycle data with farmer requirements and an innovative system that can open a 'gateway' into future events. Utilising (forward-event) data immersion with the 'gateway tool-set' operators can execute a scalable weather moderation, in order to defeat crop threats ahead of time.

The program culminates in the re-shaping of spatial and temporal structures of important rainfall events, combined with atmospheric 'shielding' of crops when required by clients. Such a technology's 'value-add' to the Victorian economy equates to $-billions (Ref. Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences - Report No. 181 February 2017).

Example: moderation of May 2016 event by re-shaping the rainfall footprint and total volume - link. Shielding examples, Sep 2016 - link.

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Graphed 2016 Client Rainfall data - link.

The successful intervention has assisted bountiful returns by way of "bumper harvests" for farmers - link.

Unsolicited media statements regarding bumper crop outcomes from the WeeklyTimes (compiled) here - link.


Introducing unique intelligence pre-visualisation for horticulture, agriculture, emergency management and private / government asset protection. - link.


Powerful forces drive earth's weather. It is an equally powerful 'mechanism of engagement' that is required to tame it. This brief contextual overview provides a backdrop to TITAN_Weather, a technology developed to assist mankind in the ongoing struggle with this natural adversary - link.

Demonstrated Capability

Remarkable full-spectrum capabilities demonstrated locally and internationally, with independently verifiable results - link. Examples include:

  • Drought - Famine mitigation - Horn of Africa

  • Fire threat mitigation - Australia

  • Infrastructure and high value asset protection against severe weather - Philippines, Middle East, USA

  • Crop enhancement through early rain delivery - Australia

  • Seasonal harvest protection from severe weather - Australia, USA

  • Severe storm intervention / mitigation - Philippines

Mitigating weather-threat before events occur, or providing emergency intervention to avoid both direct damage and resultant compounding losses. Details please see - link.

Technology Offering

The first step into a future event, is a powerful data visualisation, where "a future event" is visualised in 2D, 3D or 4D (3D + time) - link.


Researching an aerospace high-speed 'spatial-corridor programming' technology will reduce drag for high-speed vehicles or aircraft in transit.

By reducing air resistance, fuel / energy consumption is reduced - link.